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This versatile work horse is a great walleye trolling pole for deep diving crankbaits, heavy three way rigs, snap weights, and leadcore.
These rods excel at live bait and split shot rigging, casting light jigs, and vertical jigging.
These rods load well and hold their form while trolling, yet they are sensitive enough to help you feel the vibration of your crankbait.

Limit Creek Fishing Rods are designed to have the perfect balance between power and action.

They are powered for solid hook sets and designed with an action sensitive enough to keep the hook held firmly in the fish‘s mouth. This characteristic of balance ensures you will feel your bite, drive the hook home, and instills confidence when fighting the fish of a lifetime.

Tom Gursky with Walleyes

“Limit Creek rods have been a favorite in my personal fishing and with my customers… especially the LCS69MLF “Smoothie”... not only for slip bobbers, finesse jigging, and rigging, but a wonderful tool when teamed up with 6-8# braided line for a deadly approach while “dragging” jigs in early spring for finicky biters.”

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