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  • Limit Creek Casting RodSt. Croix River fishing rods, casting, spinning and trolling rods for walleye and smallmouth bass
  • Limit Creek Spinning RodsSt. Croix River fishing rod, casting rod, Wisconsin and Minnesota
  • Muskie Caught on a Limit Creek Force M1 Fly Rod
  • St. Croix River fishing rod, trolling rod, Minnesota
  • Get Your LIMIT Today with a Limit Creek Trolling Rod!St. Croix River fishing rod, trolling rod, Minnesota

Casting Rods
This versatile workhorse is a great walleye trolling pole for deep diving crankbaits, heavy three way rigs, snap weights, and leadcore.

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Spinning Rods
These rods excel at live bait and split shot rigging, casting light jigs, and vertical jigging.

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Trolling Rods
These rods load well and hold their form while trolling, yet they are sensitive enough to help you feel the vibration of your crankbait.

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Ice Rods
Our ice rods are carefully designed to enhance the angler's experience in pursuit of panfish, walleye, lake trout and more.

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Fly Rods
Our fly rods are made of high modulus carbon graphite designed for fishing streams and rivers located within the Driftless Area, as well as larger salt and freshwater species. Each rod’s length, casting action, light weight and extra strength will enhance your experience in pursuing of a variety of fish.

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Limit Creek Fishing Rods are designed to have the perfect balance between power and action.

They are powered for solid hook sets and designed with an action sensitive enough to keep the hook held firmly in the fish‘s mouth. This characteristic of balance ensures you will feel your bite, drive the hook home, and instills confidence when fighting the fish of a lifetime.

Chris Niskanen with Rainbow Trout


“I recently took a Limit Creek 6 weight rod to Alaska for a fishing trip of a lifetime. On the first day of the trip, I landed one of the biggest rainbow trout of my life and world-class dolly varden too. The rod performed flawlessly. I was able to cast large streamer flies in difficult conditions and the rod handled extraordinarily large fish without a problem. The Limit Creek 6 weight was a dream to cast and I would highly recommend it.”

Chris Niskanen
Outdoor Writer and author of
The Minnesota Book of Skills